War of 1812/Regimental Coats

23 Regiment of Foote "The Buffs"


Madder red coatee with buffs wool accents at collar, cuffs and faux turnbacks.  Coat has signature "cut away" front, trimmed in regimental lace with infantry shoulder wings.

35th Regimenal Coatee


Madder red coatee with orange collar and cuffs.  Regimental lace in double button pattern, with infantry wings.

Grenadier's Coatee


Genadier's coatee in madder red with navy collar and cuffs.  Trimmed with sergeant's lace in bastion looping.  Signature tall, stiff collar and tails.

95th Rifles Coatee


 Rifleman's coatee in bottle green wool with black collar and cuffs.  White piping accents at collar, cuffs and shoulder straps, black poms accent.  Single breasted with 2 rows of non-functional buttons in a distinctive "vee" pattern.   

Naval Officer's Coat


Full length coat in navy wool with scarlet facings, collar and cuffs.  Double breasted coat is trimmed in silver metallic lace.  

Naval Surgeon's Coat


Double breasted coat in blue wool with brass buttons,  and signature "cutaway" front, tails and stiff tall collar.  

Regency Civilian Coats

Superfine Wool Topcoat


Double breasted topcoat in black superfine wool with brass buttons. Coat has signature wide lapels, "M" cut collar and long tails.  Lined in black silk.

Linen Topcoat


Gray linen topcoat with fabric covered buttons.  "M" cut collar, long tails, and "over the hand" sleeve length.  Shown over a white shirt and black silk cravat.

Formal Ball Attire


Maroon taffeta topcoat with fabric covered buttons. Shown with a silver satin waistcoat and knee breeches.  

Satin Waistcoat


Silver/gray satin waistcoat with high regency collar.  Sleeveless, cut straight across at the waist, with two welt pockets.

Embroidered Linen Waistcoat


Tan linen waistcoat with all over embroidery.  Sleeveless, with a tall collar and welt pockets.  Back laces for a perfect fit. 

Cotton Canvas Waistcoat


Basic waistcoat in cotton canvas with pewter buttons, tall collar and welt pockets.

Regency Small Clothes



Cotton shirt with high collar and narrow cuffs.  Shirt is unfitted with sleeves starting past shoulders.  Front closes at collar with two buttons.

Narrow Fall Trousers


Narrow fall trousers have a high waist and close with three buttons at the waistband and two at the edges of the "fall".  Shown with "mule ear" pockets and suspender buttons.



Pleated, black linen neckstock to adorn the collar of the shirt.  Fastens in back with either ties or buttons.

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Women's Ballgowns

Embellished Ballgown


Light green satin ballgown with organza accents and gold embroidery.  Empire waist gown buttons in back, with short sleeves and an attached underskirt. 

Satin and Lace Ballgown


Ice blue satin empire waist gown with ecru crocheted lace at waist, hem and neckline.  

Lace Ballgown


Lace gown over gold silk lining, with gold satin ribbon accents at waist and sleeve cuffs.  Features detachable lace lower sleeves.

Amethyst Silk Ballgown


Deep amethyst silk empire waist gown with short, cap sleeves and square neckline.  

Gold Silk Ballgown


Gold silk empire waist gown with a gathered bodice trimmed in brown satin ribbon.  Ribbon also trimmes the sleeve cuffs and hem 

Lavender Satin Ballgown


Lavender satin empire waist gown with self fabric "vee" accents on the bodice, sleeves and hem.

Women's Day Dresses

Faux Cross-front Day Dress


Faux Cross-front day dress in brown printed cotton with satin ribbon accent at waistband.  Dress closes in back with buttons and a drawstring tie.

Faux Cross-front Day Dress


Faux cross-front empire waist day dress in blue printed cotton with aqua modesty insert.  Trimmed with braid at neckline, waist and cuffs.

Bib-front Day Dress


Bib-front day dress in rust cotton.  Front closing with an "apron" front panel that ties under the bust.  Elbow length sleeves.

Basic Day Dress


Basic day dress in aqua/brown paisley print cotton.  Pleated bodice is trimmed with brown satin ribbon.  Detachable lower sleeves fall over the hand.  

Blue Day Dress


Blue printed cotton dress has a square neckline, full sleeves and a flared, trained skirt.  Trimmed in embroidered ribbon.

Eyelet Cotton Day Dress


Simple day dress in pink cotton eyelet, with a gold silk waistband and short sleeves.

Jackets, Coats and Capes

Spencer Jacket


Spencer jacket in gold satin.  Signature short jacket has long sleeves, a fold down collar and fastenes in front with two gold button/chain fasteners.



Ivory embellished satin pelisse has a deep "vee" neck, long sleeves and fastens at center front with a frog closure.



Green cotton overgown is sleeveless, and fastens under the bust with either buttons, pins or a decorative brooch.  Shown over a simple muslin day dress.

Full Cloak


Full length, hooded cloak in wine colored faux suede. Hood, front and arm openigs are trimmed in black/gold braided trim.    

Short Cape


Short cape in black faux suede, trimmed in narrow gold braid.  Cape fastens at the neck with suede ties.

Kinsale Cloak


Full length Irish Kinsale Cloak in lightweight gray wool with textured gray silky lining.  Large drawstring hood lays over the shoulders when not in use and is fastened under a wool collar.