Rumpleskiltskin Waistcoat


Faux crocodile waistcoat in multiple sections bound in tan faux leather and laced with black cord.  Based on the character in the HBO series.  

Rumplestiltskin Topcoat


Faux leather coat with tall collar and brown faux leather cuffs.  Alligator shoulder cape and collar.  Based on the character in the HBO series.

Assassins Creed II Tunic


Tan linen tunic with embroidered satin accent stripes and facings.  Padded shoulder wings give it a wider look.  Shown with a black sash and ruffled shirt.  Based on the video game character.

Assassins Creed II Hood


Lined hood and shoulder cape for Assassins Creed II costume. 

Severus Snape Frockcoat


Long black frockcoat with black button detain down the front and white ruffles at the sleeves.  Based on the Harry Potter series character.

Wizard's Robe


Black moleskin wizard's robe with loose sleeves and wand pocket detail.  Based on the Harry Potter series.