F&I Uniforms and Regimentals - French

French winter justacorps


French regimental coat in royal blue wool with scarlet bucket cuff detail and domed brass buttons.  Used in the Americas in winter.

French summer justacorps


French regimental coat in oatmeal linen with scarlet bucket cuffs and domed brass buttons.  Unlined, and used in the Americas in summer.

French standard Justacorps


Standard off white wool justacorps with royal blue bucket cuffs and skirt linings, domed brass buttons on cuffs, pockets, and front.  Shown with "turnbacks" fastened for deployment in the field.

Sleeved Waistcoat


Sleeved waistcoat in royal blue wool with domed brass buttons and flap pockets.  Lined in linen or muslin, often worn under the justacorps in winter for warmth, or without the coat in spring/fall. 

Sleeveless waistcoat


Sleeveless waistcoat in royal blue wool with domed brass buttons and flap pockets.  Lined in linen or muslin, worn formally under a justacorps in summer, or informally in summer in camp.  

French fly knee breeches


"French fly" knee breeches in blue wool with domed brass buttons and "mule ear" pockets.  Breeches button along lower legs and at lower leg cuff.  

F&I Uniforms and regimentals - british

British 35th Regimental


British full regimental in scarlet wool with orange cuffs, denoting the 35th Regiment, with domed buttons running the full length of the coat and low flap pockets.  Lined in scarlet linen,

British 60th Coattee


British regimental "coattee" in madder red wool with navy facings, faux barrel cuffs and sleeve flaps.  Coat is lined in linen or muslin, with domed pewter buttons.  A coattee  is shorter than a full regimental coat for ease in the field.  

British 63rd Regimental


British full regimental coat in madder red wool with hunter green facings and cuffs, denoting the 63rd Regiment, complete with regimental lace and buttons.  Coat also has functional mariners cuffs and sleeve details.

Sleeved waistcoat


Sleeved waistcoat in madder red wool with domed pewter buttons.  Worn under a regimental coat in winter for warmth, or sometimes as an alternative to a full regimental coat in summmer.  

Sleeveless waistcoat


Sleeveless waistcoat in madder red wool with domed pewter buttons and regimental lace.  Worn under a regimental coat or informally in camp.

Narrow fall knee breeches


"Drop front" or "narrow fall" knee breeches in cotton.  Breeches have buttons along the lower leg, and the cuffs close with either buttons or buckles.  

Early Colonial- civilian men

Civilian Topcoat


A gentleman's topcoat in brown wool with maroon silk taffeta bucket cuffs.  Trimmed in gold braid, with engraved buttons.  

Civilian Topcoat


Another fine topcoat in embroidered silk taffeta with dark maroon bucket cuffs.  Trimmed in ecru gimp braid with embellished buttons. 

Evening topcoat


Evening topcoat in blue silk for a rich gentleman out on the town.  Fancy silver-tone buttons, bucket cuffs and rounded collar.



Waistcoat in gold with silver metallic braid outlining the coat, buttonholes and pockets.  

Narrow fall knee breeches


Narrow fall or "drop front" knee breeches with gold-tone buttons.  Breeches close at lower leg with buttons, and either buttons or buckles at the lower cuffs.   Civilian breeches often had "mule ear" pockets, closed with smaller buttons.  



Man's shirt in white cotton.  Unfitted shirt has square collar, narrow cuffs, and underarm gussets.  It was made in cotton or linen, with a front slit either left plain or with a ruffle.  

Early Colonial - women

Colonial gown


Lady's polonaised gown in ecru print with pink petticoat.  The bodice closes with hook-and-eyes at center front, with satin ribbon accent bows.  Sleeves are trimmed with lace flounces.

Colonial Roundgown


Lady's roundgown in royal blue linen shown over a rust colored linen petticoat.   The bodice closes with hook-and-eye fasteners, or can be pinned closed.  The neckline and sleeve edges are trimmed with self-fabric box pleated trim.  

Short Jacket


Short jacket in printed cotton.  Front laces closed, and sleeves are finished with cuffs.  Shown over a blue petticoat.  

Working Woman's Attire


A working woman's outfit consisting of drawstring chemise with elbow length sleeves, linen petticoat and "english bodice" in tan linen.  A white cotton/linen cap is shown at the top of the mannikin.

English Bodice


A closeup of an "english bodice" in tan linen over a drawstring chemise.   The bodice laces closed at center front and is sewn only to the waist, leaving it open at center back and sides for ease of movement.

French Bodice


A "french bodice" in heavy tan fabric.  The bodice laces closed in front, and comes to the waist at the back and sides, lowering to a point at center front.