French Renaissance Ballgown


A fine ballgown in light green silk taffeta with gold stomacher, apron front panel and sleeve linings.  Trimmed with gold braid.

Court dress of Lady in Waiting


A court dress in blue satin with maroon petticoat and red velvet stomacher.  Padded sleeve caps attach to long split sleeves.  Front edges of the skirt and sleeves are trimmed in wide gold lace, with narrow lace to accent the neckline.

Tudor ballgown


A Tudor ballgown in bronze silk taffeta, trimmed in embroidered ribbon.  Sleeves are fitted to the wrist with padded sleeve caps.

Renaissance Day Dress


A red cotton day dress for a minor noble lady.  The front closing bodice and skirt edged are trimmed in gold braid, and the outfit has a matching cap.  

High Court dress


A gown suitable for court in green patterned velvet with wine satin sleeve linings.  Wide black and gold lace braid trims the skirt front, sleeve edges and padded sleeve caps.  Fine "blackwork" embroidery shows at the neck and cuffs of the chemise underneath.

Simple Renaissance Outfit


A green chemise worn under a blue cotton petticoat and tan "straight fronted payre of bodies"  (proper medieval corset).  Suitable for a woman of the serving class, or high peasantry.