Polonaise Overgown


Printed green cotton overgown with gold tassel trim and pleated lace sleeve detail.  Worn over a bustle tournoure and maroon linen skirt 

Bustle bodice and skirts


Light blue cotton bodice with gray and teal trim to match the under skirt and looped up overskirt.  Bodice has a square neckline, long sleeves and pointed hem.  

Fine Linen Outfit


Linen bodice, skirt and overskirt trimmed in brown satin ribbon and lavender satin front.  3/4 length sleeves have pleated and trimmed details.

Fancy Evening Gown


Red satin fabric with gold embroidery trimmed with black lace and gold/scarlet flounces.  Bodice, skirt and overskirt ensemble, worn over a bustle tournoure.

Blouse and Skirt


Later era ensemble of fancy blouse with full sleeves, deep cuffs and high collar.  5 gored skirt is flared and gathered in the back.

Fancy Edwardian Suit


Green and blue satin Edwardian walking suit with matching sash.  Long tunic style bodice is worn over a narrow "hobble" skirt.