Regimental Coats - British

Grenadier's Coat


Madder red coat with dark navy facings, collar, cuffs and shoulder straps and wings.  Sergeant's lace in bastion loops outline the buttonholes and trim the collar, cuffs and wings.

23rd Regimental Coat


Standard regimental style coat in madder red wool with dark navy facing, collar and cuffs.  Trimmed in regimental lace in square loops, with infantry wings and off white wool skirt lining.

Cold Stream Guards Coat


Scarlet wool coat with dark navy facings, collar and cuffs.  Trimmed in gold braid in signature regimental looping, with additional flaps on outer sleeves.

35th Regimental Coat


Madder red wool coat with yellow/gold facings, collar and cuffs.  Trimmed in regimental lace in square looping, with white skirt linings.

Hessian Jaegar Coat


Hunter green coat with madder red facings, collar, cuffs and skirt linings.  Facings have the lapet which buttons to the caped collar.  Buttons are 

Tarlton Coattee


Shorter length coatee in green wool with navy facings, collar and cuffs.  

Regimental Coats - Continental

Continental Army Coat


Standard Continental Coat in blue wool with buff collar, cuffs, facings and skirt linings.  Lined in cotton muslin with plain, flat pewter buttons.

American Lottery Coat


Brown wool coat with madder red collar, cuffs and facings.  These coats were worn by several units, those units determined by a lottery.  

13th Virginia Regimental Coat


Dark blue wool coat with gold collar, cuffs and facings worn by members of the 13th Virginia Regiment.

1st Delaware Coatee


Dark blue wool coat with scarlet collar, cuffs, facings and skirt lining.  Cast pewter buttons denote the unit.  

Loyalist American Coat


Hunter green wool coat with madder red collar, cuffs and facings.  Coat has the caped collar and lapets at the top of the facings. Though colonists,  loyalist members fought for the British Crown. 

Continental Coat


Standard Continental coat in blue wool with off white collar, cuffs, facings and skirts.  Facings have the lop lapet fastened under the caped collar.

Men's Civilian

Civilian Suit


Green linen suit consisting of narrow fall knee breeches, sleeveless waistcoat and basic topcoat.  Coat has functional cuffs and a small mandarin collar.

Fine Gentleman's Suit


A wealthy gentleman's suit in red velvet.  Suit is knee breeches, waistcoat and topcoat.  Buttons are covered in red velvet to match the suit, shown with a ruffled shirt.

Civilian Topcoat


Brown wool topcoat with a small rounded collar.  Coat is single breasted with functional pockets and cuffs.  

Narrow Fall Knee Breeches


Knee Breeches with the common "narrow-fall" front opening, mule-ear pockets and cuffed leg openings.



Fine waistcoat in embroidered gold satin.  Sleeveless with fabric covered buttons, and shown over a shirt and black cravat.

Caped Greatcoat


Greatcoat in green wool has double shoulder capes, a turndown collar and functioning cuffs.  Coat is double breasted and has pewter buttons.

Women's Gowns & Jackets

Colonial Round Gown


Green striped taffeta round gown shown over a matching petticoat.  Gown has box pleated trim with brown satin ribbon and delicate elbow flounces.

Round Gown


Printed cotton round gown with dine linen elbow flounces and green satin bows.  

Printed Gown


Brown/gold/blue printed gown with double elbow flounces and eyelet trim at the neckline.  Front closed with hook-and-eyes, shown over a blue petticoat.

Printed Cotton Gown


Blue floral cotton gown with simple elbow length sleeves and matching petticoat.

Evening/Ball Gown


Wine taffeta gown with polonaised skirts, double elbow flounces and a matching stomacher.  Front lacing, shown over a white satin petticoat.

Short Jacket


Short jacket in blue/green taffeta with unadorned 3/4 length sleeves and short peplum.  Front lacing with a matching stomacher.