Welcome to Sue's Old Fashions. I'm Sue, and both my husband and I enjoy re-enacting different historical eras in our spare time. These range from the 1750s through about 1910. When we began reenacting in 1997, I made my own outfits, and soon found myself making uniforms for members of my civil war unit who did not sew. I began offering my services to other reenactors, and requests for other era clothing grew into Sue's Old Fashions. Now I make unit-specific uniforms appropriate for French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War. I also offer civilian outfits for men, to include shirts, vests and coats of different styles. For the ladies, I create underpinnings, corsets and gowns appropriate for impressions of Colonial America, Regency and Jane Austin England, American Civil War hoop skirts and Old West bustle gowns. I have done a few medieval and renaissance outfits, some fashion accessories, and a cloak or two. I create basic belly dance items, as well as Halloween and fantasy costumes.

On this site you will see some of the items and outfits I have made in the past, separated into the different time frames (click the buttons on the left).

Since all of my work is custom, many of the the photos are representations of the type of items I am willing to make. If you have a particular idea or pattern for an item you do not see here, please feel free to contact me, since I enjoy making new and interesting clothing to order. The Contact Us page provides both an email address and a telephone number if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy your visit.