Medieval / Renaissance and other early time periods  

This page shows some examples of medieval and renaissance gowns, as well as an example of a medieval highlander. Any of these would be appropriate for your local Ren-Faire, as well as reenactments of Elizabethan and Tudor eras.

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Black velvet bodice, front lacing, trimmed with braid worn with a gathered skirt in green brocade. Simple cotton chemise with drawstring neck as underpinnings.

Tudor gown in gold embroidered taffeta with padded sleeve caps, braid and ribbon trim and built in corsetry.

See also this detail of the bodice.

Elizabethan gown in green velvet with padded sleeve caps and long lower sleeves lined in maroon satin. Worn over a square necked smock in cotton batiste with blackwork embroidered detail. Spanish farthingdale gives the skirt the proper silhouette with a satin forpart showing at the center front.

See also this detail of the back.

Medieval wedding gown in cream satin. Train is attached to satin chemise, worn under an embellished corset.

See also this detail of the corset with lace and beaded appliques.

ELizabethan gown in light green taffeta with gold stomacher and forepart. Trimmed in ivory braid with attached sleeves.

See also this detail of the back.

Blue & scarlet elizabethan gown with padded sleevecaps and full dagged sleeves. Gown is trimmed with gold braid and worn over a corset and small farthingdale.

See also this detail of the back.

Elizabethan lady in textured bodice with oversized lower sleeve and cuff. Paired with a gold brocade petticoat and worn with a contrast forepart and matching bodice detail.

See also this detail of the back.

Renaissance daydress in red cotton with a gold textured forpart.Worn with a matching cap.

See also this image of the dress as worn by the actress in a theatrical production.

Gold elizabethan lady's gown with separate sleeves over a white chemise.

See also this detail of the back.

Blue/green tapestry gown with cream brocade forepart and stomacher. Shown with a matching cap and veil.

See also this detail of the back.

Medieval highlander in pleated kilt and white poet's shirt.

Elibethan gentleman's doublet in tan linen with embroidered satin detail. Worn over a white shirt and silk sash.

See also this detail of the back.