War of 1812  

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Purple and green patterned satin ballgown. Gown has empire waist with separate sash and green detail at hem.

Click here for a view of the back showing the gold toned button closure.

1812 ball gown in gold satin with ecru lace overlay, worn as a wedding gown. Gown has detachable sheer lace lower sleeves, gold satin piping a neckline, and lace detail at hem.

See also these views of the back.

1812 bibfront day dress in turquoise plaid cotton. Gown closes in front with drawstrings, covered by the attached "bib".

See also this back view, as well as a detailed view of the.front closure.

Regency day dress in gold cotton broadcloth with hand embroidered detail at hem and contrast piping at neck line and sleeves.

Click here for closer view of embroidered hem.

Green silk ballgown with gold braided trim at neck and sleeves, double ruffle at hem and gold insert at bodice vee.

Click here to see the back.

Lavender satin ballgown with pleated "vee" detail at neckline, silver brocade bodice, overskirt and petal sleeve details.

See also this closer view of the bodice detail.

Fancy topcoat for a high ranking gentleman in wine taffeta. Coat has front "cutaway" with longer "tails" in back, and the distinctive high collar of the era. Gold buttons decorate the front and side back pleats. It is worn over a ruffled shirt,silver/gray waistcoat, and gray taffeta knee breeches.

See also this view of the back.

Waistcoat in silver/gray patterned satin, with high, stiff collar and pewter buttons. Waistcoat back is in tan satin with back lacing for closer fit.

See also this view of the back.

Gold satin waistcoat with cream satin back. Waistcoat has the high, stiffened regency collar and an adjustable laced back.

See also this view of the back.

Man's doublebreasted topcoat, olive wool, with pleated tails; pictured with gray pinstriped waistcoat and ruffled shirt.

See also this closer view of the front.

Regency/1812 civilian man's topcoat, blue "superfine", with cutaway front and tails, and signature "M"collar. Shown over a velvet waistcoat. See also this view of the back.

Regency/1812 civilian man's waistcoat in embroidered linen, with high collar.

See also this view of the back, adjustable with center lacing.